Relay for Life, a great Lions fund-raising opportunity

Relay for Life 2019
Françoise, Dirk, Hilde ( a Relay for Life survivor) and Jaak…busy Lions at this International event that raises 6 million Euro a year for cancer research.

Relay for Life, a great Lions fund-raising opportunity – a note from Jaak

Thanks a lot Lions for taking part in the Relay for Life this year. (Heraldic participitated in partnership with the international school ISF). This year’s rainy Relay in Saint John’s school in Waterloo featured theRed Devils coach Roberto Martinez and raised 56,700 Euro over 24 hours for cancer research. That's more than last year, when it was very sunny :-).

Our Lions team contributed  around 500 Euro, which is not bad at all. We had everything this weekend; sun, rain, stormy winds , hail,  during 24 hours, what more do you want ? We had time to talk to each other and network with other participants, we got some ideas for Splash…… and we had a good Duvel (or two?). 

And a nice "thank you" note from the organizers

Thank you card