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About Lions Heraldic

Meet the Lions Club of Brussels Heraldic

The Lions Club Heraldic is the English-speaking Lions Club in Brussels, with 27 members from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds. All with a single vocation to serve people less fortunate than ourselves. In 35 years we raised over a million, yes one million euros.

Since we chartered 35 years ago Heraldic has had a colourful and successful history in Belgium.

We adhere to a rigorous Constitution. It is our guideline for strong governance in our Club.

Every year the Lions Club of Brussels Heraldic raises on average more than € 20,000. Our major fund raising activitivity takes place in Springtime every year.  Our Swimarathon, called Splash - up to 80 teams compete in a fun swimming event and raise funds through sponsorship.

Serving the community

Just some of our past projects include:

  • 1990 Buying & refurbishing a bus, driving it to Poland for a Warsaw Children's Home
  • 1991 Remodelling & re-equipping the kitchen at the Cité Joyeuse Children's Home
  • 1992 Raising funds for a start-up child abuse centre in Brussels
  • 1993 Funding the training of a guide dog and presenting it to a local blind person
  • 1994 Supporting the " Euro NF" summer camp for children with neurofibromatosis
  • 1995 Participating (with the British Embassy) for the Roy Castle cancer project.
  • 2000 Supported Escalpade and the Alzheimers league in Brussels
  • 2000 Donating a minibus to SCOPE Romania serving to transport pupils in Timis county
  • 2001 Duchess of Richmond's Ball - raising BEF 5 million plus many items of equipment for those that care for the sick and underpriviledged.
  • 2001 - 2007 Recoding audio CDs with traditional Christmas carols from all around Europe. Raising funds by selling the CDs at Christmas Market in Stockel
  • 2009 - 2016 Christmas at Home - visiting a retirement home in Anderlecht, handing out calendars and chocolates and chatting with residents.
  • 2010 - 2016 Trash - our annual environmental project when we clean up the Tervuren park 
  • 2012 Dash - running for the Giraffe Project, an organisation supporting students in the slums of Nairobi.
  • 2014 InterHash - Lions Heraldic was the official partner of this event gathering 2700 runners from around the world.
  • 2014 Solidarity concert - Lions Herladic and Lille Opera organised a piano concert in the help of Greek children on the island of Paros.
  • 2013 - 2016 Through SB Overseas, Lions Heraldic helps Syrian refugees by donnating money, clothes and shoes for Syrian refugees camps in Syria, Jordany and Lebanon.

The list will soon be updated with most recent projects.


The motto of every Lions Club is. We Serve. Whether helping the blind or deaf, conducting drug or diabetes awareness campaigns, providing recreational opportunities for the handicapped, sponsoring research into the causes and treatment of blindness, providing children with sports equipment or just a place to play, or raising funds to make it all possible, service to the needy and the disadvantages comes first for a Lion.


At the very heart of Lionism lies a camaraderie, among both the local club members and between Lions from every part of the world. It exists not only at club meetings but particularly when Lions are working together to help those in need in their communities. The friendships made in Lionism lasts a lifetime because they are based on a common and enjoyable commitment to service.

Where we meet

Brussels Heraldic meets twice a month. The second Tuesday of the month is our business meeting. We meet in Brussels Le Médicis, Avenue de l'Escrime 124 , 1150 Woluwé-St-Pierre at 19.00h. On the fourth Tuesday of the month we have our Dinner meeting, same venue at 20.00h, to which spouses and partners are welcomed.

If you would like to find out more about us, send an email to lionsheraldic@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting our website. Why not join our Club?  

Come to meet these club members in person!


Marc (President)

Married to Brigitte, 3 children and 6 grandchildren. Industrial engineer. Passioned about his lovely garden and likes "do it yourself" jobs.

Siamack (Vice-President)

He popularises the commercial and video ethnography. Married, father of three kids and probably Molly's best friend.

Jacques (VP Activities)

Married to Hilde, 2 children. A passioned PM, president of PMI Belgium, Jacques will always recomment Duvel as being the best beer in the world.

Chris (VP Membership)

Married to Ria. Still working and loves travelling around the world.

Vasile (Secretary)

In love with sport and photography. If you hve a question about social media, he can always guide you through.

Robert (Treasurer)

Married to Ingrid, 4 children, Retired Buyer from telecom industry, Practices japanese archery (Kyudo) 

Costi (Webmaster)

Married to Mihaela, 2 daughters, Project Manager. Loves traveling, discovering new places and people.


Married to Monique. Expert in communication. When he is not hugging his iPhone, he is caressing his Leica.  But at he prefers a big Canon!


Attorney in Luxembourg and Belgium. Married to the most marvellous wife, mother of our two kids. When not working (when is that?), he enjoys cooking and most of all, like most Luxemburgish people, eating.