Splash Prize Giving Report

Splash Prize Giving Report

Splash Prize Giving 2018. A summary of this year's award ceremony

Thanking you all for being there.

Congratulations to our friends CISV for their Top Group Sponsor performance. Wow, these people are super organisers. Thanks Jean-Pierre for following our strict scenario for the prize giving, you do a super job.


Le Centre Arnaud Fraiteur has been a loyal partner of the Splash team consistently over all of these years so it’s with great pleasure that we present to them the appropriate Splash Loyal Partner Award. Thank you our friends in Fraiteur.


Philippe is the motivating force behind CNSW who this year smashed the record for the number of lengths swam with a record breaking 270.

Congratulations Philippe and CNSW


This year we give praise to the Super Support ward millennials from the Odisee college in Brussels who handled with great efficiency the social media,photo activities and the swimmer bags for Splash. You were just great, guys. And guess what, their Patient Prof President (PPP) Jaak (recognisably the baby boomer) deserves some praise for this.


Best family of 2018. The Family Excellence Award goes to the great Neyns family (yes, including our President Jaak) who sweated day and night to make this event another successful stepping stone in Heraldic’s presence in Belgium. Great job folks with special thanks to Hilde for her continuing support.


Winner of this year’s Longevity Award is our regular 9am Splash opener Anthony Houghton who seems to have been part of our team or over a decade now. Congratulations and thank you Anthony- we look forward to see you kicking the event off every year.


Equivalence was one of our main charities this year and it’s with great pleasure that we presented them with cheque for € 3,900 which will fund the new roof for one of their indoor riding circuits where horses add their magic touch to improve the health of children


Nos Pilifs are almost a part of our Lions family, our club has supported their projects for handicapped people for so many years. So it’s with pride that we provide the funds to help them continue their work, this year our contribution is € 3,433.

Nos Pilifs

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Thank you all from the Heraldic Team. See you all next year.