Goodbye to Susie Hollinshead

Brussels Heraldic bids sad farewell to its first lady member

Our dearest Lion Susie Hollinshead passed away peacefully on a sunny Sunday morning, at home, surrounded by family.

Susie was an active participant in our club activities for almost 30 years, supporting her beloved husband Jack, Heraldic President from 1991 to 1992. Following Jack’s death in 1995, Susie became the first Lady Member of Heraldic 14 years ago, leading the way for Heraldic’s evolution to a mixed club.

Susie loved this Lions club. In her own words, “ We have done so many fantastic things together, to help people in need. I am so proud of this club”.

Goodbye dear Susie, always a lady, always Heraldic's First Lady Member.

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