Installing new beehives in the Atlas mountains - Morocco

Beehives project in the Atlas mountains
Beehives project in the Atlas mountains

Lion Leila is an MBA graduate with a Heraldic project to install new beehives for the  Amazigh tribe in the Atlas mountains in Morocco. This will help villagers create their own honey industry to provide employment and be self-sustaining. Heraldic donated € 2,785 for the installation of 200 new beehives. 

Beehives project

Resources of thyme and rosemary in the Moroccan region of Er Rich, together with the environment and the ancestral knowhow of the inhabitants gave birth to this Lions beekeeping project in the village of Ihandare. Because thyme honey is known for its virtues, sales revenue has the potential to help the community decrease its poverty and improve the overall quality of life in this rural community.

Early in 2017, Lions Club Brussels Heraldic gave its for support and, thanks to this generosity, the village has been able to buy its first beehives, begin manufacturing and harvesting the first litres of honey. Leila hopes in 2019 to contact different sales partners and collect the first income for the village.