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How it works?

The Swimarathon is the most important annual fund-raising event for our Lions Club to raise money for a worthwhile charity. SPLASH in images.

Here is a concise guide.  Click on the link below for a detailed presentation:

This is a Powerpoint slide show that explains the purpose and the workings of Lions Heraldic Splash.

Who can join in ?

You. Anyone able to swim can register and join a team. Teams are normally between 6 and 8 swimmers - colleagues, friends, parents, children, brothers, sisters, etc.

So how does it work ?

Say your team has 8 swimmers. The team swims in relays for 55 minutes – each member swimming one 25m length in turn. Swimmer A would swim laps 1, 9, 17, 25..... etc. So if the team swims 160 lengths each swimmer would complete 20 lengths.

How do I register ?

Appoint a team captain. Send in your team registration form via this website We then send confirmation and sponsor forms Each team swimmer tries to collect as many team sponsors as possible, explaining how it works. Your team selects a start time and comes to swim for 55 minutes on Sunday, May 22, 2022. We count your lengths at the event and tell you how much money you made. Each swimmer collects from his sponsors and sends the money to the Lions Club charity account.

Who can be a sponsor ?

You can have either private or corporate sponsors, relatives, friends, grandparents or companies. They sponsor the team and can give between 5 cents and 25 cents per length, as they wish. Or a fixed sum.

How does the sponsorship work ?

Say your team has 8 swimmers and each swimmer gets 10 sponsors. Therefore a total of 80 sponsors can offer, for example, 5 cents per length.

If your team swims a total of 160 lengths, then the team should collect:

80 sponsors x 5 cents x 160 laps = Total 640 euros However each sponsor only gives 8 euros



More information?

Check out this presentation: Splash.LionsHeraldic public library.  Still unclear?  Then write to The Splash Organisation Team by e-mail.