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Centre Arnaud Fraiteur

Le Centre Arnaud Fraiteur

"Care centre for children who suffer from sensory and motor impairments"

Who is Centre Arnaud Fraiteur?

The aim of this centre is the provide an appropriate facility to treat children suffering from sensory and motor impairments, i.e. impairment of physical movements of the body due to defects in the nervous system. The centre works in close collaborations with patients' parents, providing them the necessary care, education and support. This good work is carried out by a multi-disciplinary team that consists of doctors, paramedics, psychologists and teachers. They work together to get a better understanding of the development of each patient and finding the correct treatment for him or her. Currently the centre gives 16 children round-the-clock care throughout the year and 43 other day visitors.

How do we help Centre Arnaud Fraiteur?

We'll help them to buy the necessary accessories for the orthopaedic treadmill so as to allow them to do better analysis on the movements of the patients and, later, better corrective action. These accessories include digital cameras, analytical software and a computer.