Why Swim

Swim for "Giraffe Project" and "La Maison des Pilifs"

For over 30 years since we founded the Splash Swimarathon, the Lions Club Brussels Heraldic has supported a wide selection of valuable charities making a meaningful difference to the lives of others both in Belgium and abroad.

Splash has become so much more than a day at the pool. Having collected and contributed well over €1.5 million to groups and individuals in need, Splash has become one of the key dates on the Brussels charity calendar. The Lions serve the community and that community includes you, your concerns and interests. We are always interested in hearing from you, working with you and supporting what matters in your lives. Please feel free to contact us (info@lionsheraldic.net) with any ideas or contributions and we'll see what we can do! Even better, do not hesitate to join us to work together to serve.

For this years edition of SPLASH, with your help Lions Club Brussels Heraldic will directly support the following groups:

• Giraffe Project on The Schools for kids from Kenya’s slums

Giraffe project is a registered charity providing educational opportunities for children and young people from extremely deprived areas of Nairobi, Kenya. It works closely with 2 schools in the slums, and provides further support for teenagers to finish their studies in boarding schools and universities outside. Graduates from secondary schools are sometimes offered places in vocational training colleges. All the schools are managed and run by local people.  (You can find out more about Giraffe Project from their own web site: www.giraffeproject.org)

• La Maison des Pilifs

As we have done for over 20 years, we continue to give support to our good friends La Maison des Pilifs, a not-for-profit organisation that functions around the philosophy of “Pilifs”, focusing on helping mentally handicapped people, providing coaching, boarding, recreation centre, transition of retirement. www.lamaisondespilifs.be/

Nos Pilifs is a registered charity based in Brussels that takes care of handicapped children (from the age of 6) and adults form Brussels region. This organisation, more than 45 years operational, helps adults in their daily life by providing support in all aspects of their life: supervised lodging, food, employment and lodging search, entertainment. It schools children in a multi-disciplinary approach that includes logopedia, psychomotricity, kinesitherapy, ergotherapy and comportmental psychology.

Nos Pilifs keyword is: integration.

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