The beginning of a new Lions year

Message from Costi
Message from Costi

Dear Heraldic friends,

Here we are at the beginning of a new LIONS year. It will be an easy start after taking over from Vee's excellent Presidency and also relying on the great motivation and support of all club members.

I look forward continuing the projects and activities that made LIONS Heraldic being such a successful club. SPLASH, TRASH, PLOUF or the dinner-talks are part of our Heraldic DNA and we all know the club cannot live without them. We should also explore the possibilities to run new projects that fit our club' structure and availabilities.

On this basis, I would invite you all to continue putting forward your proposals for new projects, social events or dinner talks. This is particularly interesting to give some personality to our meetings, especially when we have visitors.

Hope to see you all motivated and enthusiastic for a great Lions Heraldic year 2016-17!